1000-Lb. Sisters' Amy Reveals How She Really Feels About Tammy’s New Husband

In a select meeting with E! News, 1000-Lb. Sisters' Amy Slaton uncovered how she genuinely feels about sister Tammy Slaton's significant other Caleb Willingham,

who she wedded in November 2022. Amy Slaton is trusting her sister Tammy Slaton's better half does what she proved unable.

After the 1000-Lb. Sisters' star wedded Caleb Willingham in November 2022, her family is standing up against the relationship and sharing

the potential advantages that could accompany the offbeat romantic tale. "At the point when she previously let me know she was dating Caleb, I was like, 'That is great.'"

Amy solely told E! News. "Perhaps they can collaborate and propel each other in a manner we were unable to persuade her as a family since they are in comparative circumstances."

Tammy went through effective gastric detour a medical procedure last year and has stayed in the recovery office since. Caleb was looked into the office

managing his own corpulence related medical problems. At last, Amy was excited to invite Caleb into the family, saying, "I'm only glad to have another sibling!"

The weight reduction excursion of Amy and Tammy's sibling Chris Brushes — who has lost many pounds in the wake of going through gastric

sidestep a medical procedure during season three of 1000-Lb. Sisters — has additionally been archived on the tender loving care reality series.

With respect to Tammy and Caleb, in addition to the fact that they met in recovery — they got hitched there, as well! "It was the greatest day of our lives," Tammy solely told E! News

about the wedding, which will work out for attention's cameras later this season. "There was such a lot of affection in the room. I'm grateful that so many relatives

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