1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy’s Home Stripped Bare by Intruder, Including Her Fridge and Kitchen Sink

In a select sneak look at tender loving care's 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy's sisters Amanda and Hazy find that all that in Tammy's home has been taken while she is investing energy in recovery.

In an elite sneak look of the Feb. 7 episode of attention's 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy's sisters Amanda Slaton and Cloudy Slaton

find that Tammy's house was almost totally scoured while Tammy invests energy in recovery.

As Amanda and Hazy show up at Tammy's home "to get a few things she needed," obviously something is horribly off-base.

"Young lady, every last bit of her stuff is gone!" Amanda shouts. "Gracious, this is a few bulls- - t. Hang tight, I will take a video of this s- - t genuine fast."

While Amanda and Hazy overview the harm, the degree of the robbery becomes stunning. "The cooler was here," Amanda says, while taking video on her telephone.

"The table was here. The kitchen sink's no more. The washroom sink. The water warmer's absent. Her bureau that was in here was gone with the remainder 

Amanda knows Tammy — who is looked into a nearby Ohio treatment focus — as she manages weight-related medical problems,

"That was her entire house. Envision someone coming in and taking all that you had that mattered to you," she noted. "What on earth would she say she is returning home to?

There's nothing there. I couldn't say whether I believe she should return home there any longer." Once in the vehicle, Amanda and Foggy call sister

Amy Slaton to inform her regarding what occurred, to which Amy answers, "What the f- - k? So what do we do?"

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