Audrina Patridge Mourns Death of Her 15-Year-Old Niece Sadie Loza

Audrina Patridge shared her niece Sadie kicked the bucket at age 15, only weeks after the youngster's birthday: "My heart damages to try and compose this."

Audrina Patridge is grieving the passing of a relative. In a Feb. 14 Instagram,

The Slopes alum shared the overwhelming news that her 15-year-old niece Sadie passed on. A reason for death has not been uncovered.

"My heart damages to try and compose this," Audrina started her message, which was matched with an assortment of photographs 

"My lovely niece is currently in paradise. I know Its not farewell always, yet expressing farewell for the present is the hardest."

Sadie's mother — Audrina's sister — Casey Patridge Loza additionally grieved the awful misfortune.

"Sadie Raine Loza has left this World for the sky," she composed. "Composing this was the hardest thing I at any point have needed to do."

Conceding she doesn't have the right words, Casey shared an example Sadie got a kick out of the chance to help her to remember frequently.

"The primary law of thermodynamics also known as (Law of Preservation of Energy) works in all circles of life.

'Energy can't be made or annihilated, it must be changed starting with one structure then onto the next,'" she composed. 

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