Bachelor Alum Sarah Herron Shares Her Baby Died After She Gave Birth at 24 Weeks Pregnant

Single man alum Sarah Herron shared her and life partner Dylan Earthy colored's child kid, Oliver Brown, kicked the bucket not long after she conceived 

Sarah Herron is grieving the deficiency of her infant child, Oliver Brown. The Lone ranger alum shared on Feb. 1

that her and life partner Dylan Brown's "delightful child" was conceived Jan. 28, when she was 24 weeks pregnant, and "died in his father's arms soon after."

She matched the shocking Instagram post with a highly contrasting photograph of Oliver laying on her chest while Dylan kisses Sarah's brow.

"There are no words for the size of misfortune and agony we're encountering," she wrote in the post. "It's wonderful and all the while awful.

Sarah, who has been locked in to Dylan since May 2021, considered Oliver their "IVF supernatural occurrence," who "challenged so many chances and battled

through such countless hard achievements to be here, however the higher powers actually had different designs for the three of us."

The 36-year-old said that in spite of the fact that her experience with Oliver "was short," the couple is "thankful for the days we had with Oliver in my gut."

"He has shown us such a great amount about the respectability of life, love and demise," she added. "Oliver filled our home and hearts with such a lot of adoration and in particular, hopefulness.

The fates lined up to make Child Oliver with a profound, significant reason greater than we'll at any point comprehend. His body was little,

Sarah, who showed up on Sean Lowe's time of The Single man in 2013, reported her pregnancy last September.

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