Below Deck Shocker: Fired Stew Camille Lamb Not Everyone Is Happy to See Her

Multi week after Camille Sheep's terminating worked out on Beneath Deck's Jan. 23 episode, the stew shocked her previous group mates by crashing a group supper.

Camille Sheep is back and causing more Beneath Deck show.

Only multi week subsequent to getting terminated for loosen hands on last week, the previous stew made a stunning profit from the Bravo series' Jan

30 episode to rejoin with her installed beau, Deckhand Ben Willoughby.

"The manner in which Camille left, she had like 30 minutes to pack her stuff," Ben conceded in a confession booth. "I was only sort of crushed. 

So soon thereafter when the entire group went out to supper in St. Lucia sans Chief Sandy Yawn, Ben astonished the remainder of the cast by having Camille join their feast.

Upon her appearance, everybody was noticeably stunned to see their previous partner, particularly Stew Alissa Humber, who got in a battle with Camille 

"I would be so humiliated I would bite the dust," Alissa murmured of Camille at supper. "I wouldn't actually ponder returning."

Afterward, Alissa told Stew Hayley De Sola Pinto, "It's so off-kilter. Assuming I got terminated, I would be so humiliated.

When inquired as to whether she needed to work things out with Camille, Alissa expressed, "No, that is finished. We previously terminated her.

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