Brittany Mahomes Shares the "Biggest Challenge" About Having Kids Sterling and Bronze at Super Bowl 2023

Brittany Mahomes, who shares kids Authentic and Patrick "Bronze" with Kansas City Bosses quarterback Patrick Mahomes,

made sense of what her arrangement resembles having her two children at Super Bowl 2023.

Very much like a football crew, Brittany Mahomes values a blueprint. The 27-year-old spouse of Kansas City Bosses

quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been in Arizona for seven days with the couple's little girl Real Skye Mahomes,

23 months, and child Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III, 2 months, paving the way to the major event.

The mother of two as of late shared that preparing for that stay and Super Bowl 2023 includes a lot of readiness.

"The greatest test was pressing all their stuff and ensuring we had all that we really wanted for them for seven days,"

she told USA Today Feb. 11. "Two children is a ton of gear thus unpleasant, ensuring you remember anything."

Thinking back on going to the Super Bowl in 2021, when she was pregnant with Authentic,

Brittany shared that it's entirely unexpected this time around. "Way more obligations and considerations going through my head.

Ensuring they are taken care of, laying down for their rests and acclimating to the time change," she noted.

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