EL0NMUSK, BAD G1RL: In Hong Kong, personalized license car plates are a coveted luxury

At an administration sell off in Hong Kong, "EL0NMUSK" sold for what could be compared to $1,405.

The namesake of the title snatching tech titan is one of various chose vehicle tags

"Awful G1RL," "LATTE" and "SHADYB1Z" — that went under the sledge toward the finish of January. The closeout's most noteworthy bid went to "1 HH" 

It's a hot market. Hong Kong inhabitants have been known to pay a great many dollars for a sought after plate. 

In 2008, "18" — thought about a fortunate number in Cantonese — went for 16.5 million Hong Kong dollars

After eight years, "28" went for 18.1 million Hong Kong dollars ($2.3 million).

At the most recent Lunar New Year sell off, "R" sold for 25.5 million Hong Kong dollars ($3.2 million). 

Yet, the record was set in Walk 2021, when one bidder burned through 26 million Hong Kong dollars

A Transportation Division representative let CNN know that all income from the barterings of customized vehicle 

which happen routinely, go directly to the Hong Kong government's Depository.

For vehicle proprietors, the vanity plates can convey individual importance. 

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