EXCLUSIVEBelow Deck's Captain Sandy Reveals Where She Stands With Camille Post-Firing

The following Deck's Commander Sandy Uncovers Where She Stands With Camille Post-Terminating

For Beneath Deck's Skipper Sandy Yawn, terminating Stew Camille Sheep is water under the boat.

"I, first and foremost, don't fire individuals except if I have current realities, and, also, I don't fire individuals out of partiality or non-bias.

 I fire individuals since, in such a case that they're the something particular where all the other things is developing around them

After Camille was over and over cautioned about her remiss hard working attitude and following her unstable battle with individual Stew Alissa Humber

"Some of the time individuals simply stroll through life and think what they're doing is alright in light of the fact that they've never been appropriately shown you," Sandy said.

"I was that individual until somebody showed me, however I must tune in and to stay workable."

So where do Sandy and Camille stand today?

"I did a pledge drive for the sea business and she appeared"

But don't expect the captain and former stew to be hanging out on the regular.

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