How Sherri Papini's Kidnapping Hoax Unraveled and What Happened Next

At the point when Sherri Papini surfaced 22 days in the wake of vanishing while out for a run, her tale about being stole didn't make any sense.

"Every individual who realizes my significant other realizes that there's not a great explanation for her to leave

She was most certainly taken despite her desire to the contrary."

So Keith Papini told Great Morning America on Nov. 6, 2016, four days after his better half, Sherri Papini

 went out for a midday run and didn't return home.

He originally acknowledged something was genuinely off-base when she neglected to get their children

 then-4-year-old child Tyler and 2-year-old girl Violet, from childcare.

"She could drop her telephone," Keith said, "yet she could never, in 1,000,000 years, not get our youngsters on the time that she typically would've."

The missing-individual case in the Northern California city of Redding had rapidly turned into a public story

A $50,000 reward was presented for any data prompting Sherri's whereabouts.

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