Justin Timberlake Attempts to Distract Jessica Biel With Hilarious Dance Moves During Her Workout

Justin Timberlake couldn't stop the sensation of needing to divert spouse Jessica Biel during her difficult exercise. See her response to his dance moves beneath.

Justin Timberlake can track down any motivation to shake his body. A valid example: his better half Jessica Biel's most recent exercise video. On Feb. 4, the Treats star shared an Instagram cut

where she's seen profoundly centered around a thorough leg exercise until the "SexyBack" vocalist figures out how to let out a grin out of her with his moving.

"Justin stop," Jessica giggles in the video taken via coach Ben Bruno, as the camera dish to uncover Justin swinging his legs and hips.

The NSYNC alum then, at that point, jokes, "What? What? It's not diverting? Jessica subtitled the funny second, "In the rec center with @benbrunotrainin

 what's more, some other person who won't quit diverting me!!" Ben jumped in and have a good time, as well, by reposting the video on his Instagram and including the subtitle

"This 3-way jump lattice is already hard for what it's worth," the wellness master proceeded, "let alone with @justintimberlake attempting to divert 

Luckily, Jessica — who shares children Silas, 7, and Phineas, 2, with Justin — is a complete genius at keeping focused. As she made sense of on The Drew Barrymore

"One of the most incredible bits of nurturing counsel I've at any point gotten was 'you can't do both simultaneously." "While you're wrestling on the floor, you're wrestling on the floor," she said.

"Try not to pick up the telephone, don't take a gander at a work thing, don't message somebody, you are wrestling on the floor."

Taking note of that "it's difficult adjusting for what seems like forever," Jessica added she's actually "attempting to figure everything out."

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