Marc Maron masterfully turns his grief into laughs in new special

Marc Maron was somewhere down in the pains of injury and distress over the abrupt loss of his imaginative accomplice and sweetheart,

Lynn Shelton, in the spring of 2020. In the same way as other of us, he was additionally feeling confined and desolate due the pandemic.

At that point, Maron would frequently take to his entryway patio and work through his sentiments openly via virtual entertainment.

He mourned Shelton and contemplated whether he could at any point perform standup once more, 

both due to his close to home state and limitations because of the pandemic.

After three years, the joke artist entertainer podcaster is off his yard and back in front of an audience, snickering, once more.

He investigates misfortune and the condition of the world in another HBO exceptional, "Marc Maron: From Disheartening to Dim.

The forthcoming exceptional was taped at New York City's Municipal center in December and was coordinated by Steven Feinartz.

Shelton had coordinated Maron in his standup specials "Excessively Genuine" in 2017 and "End Times Fun" in 2020,

alongside episodes of his IFC series, "Maron," and in her own 2019 film, "Sword of Trust."

Maron addressed CNN about the most common way of getting back to the stage and how he's continuing ahead with life and work

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