Rihanna gets apology from Stephen A. Smith over Super Bowl remarks

ESPN expert Stephen A. Smith took in the most difficult way possible that assuming you come for Rihanna, her fans are simply going to give you "FourFiveSeconds" to apologize.

During an appearance Wednesday on Sherri Shepherd's daytime television show, Smith said something about the artist's forthcoming

"There's one thing she's not, she ain't Beyoncé," said Smith, who introduced that remark with saying Rihanna

"tremendous" and saluting her on becoming another mother.

"The main explanation I raised Beyoncé is on the grounds that Beyoncé as of late performed at the Super Bowl."

That wasn't sufficient to sooth the Naval force, as Rihanna's dedicated fans are known

Smith then, at that point, took to virtual entertainment to offer a three-minute long video

I should be more cautious," he said in his video. "I believe that Rihanna should be aware, you're a hotshot

"What I'm talking about is anyone needs to compare that," Smith said.

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