‘The Flash’ trailer from DC reintroduces Michael Keaton’s Batman during the 2023 Super Bowl

The freshest trailer for the profoundly expected DC superhuman film "The Glimmer" is at last here.

The trailer made its great presentation during the 2023 Super Bowl including a few significant characters

furthermore, one major person uncover. (CNN and DC are both piece of a similar parent organization, Warner Brothers. Disclosure.)

Nominal star Ezra Mill operator, who is non-double and uses they/them pronouns, stars as Barry Allen and is first found in the trailer in their Glimmer outfit.

"Batman" star Michael Keaton's voice can heard say, "You can go anyplace. Another timetable, another universe.

So for what reason would you like to remain and battle to save this one?" "Since here my mother lives," Mill operator answers.

The new film is approximately founded on "The Flashpoint Conundrum" comic book series and enlivened series.

It denotes DC's introduction to the possibility of a multiverse, a plot develop vigorously utilized by the MCU in films like "Bug Man:

Absolutely not a chance Home" and "Specialist Odd in the Multiverse of Frenzy."

The trailer is additionally the principal full look at Keaton's return as Batman,

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