'The Last of Us' Episode 5 Recap: A Twisty Tale of Two Brothers

The Remainder of Us episode 5 came to HBO and HBO Max on Friday, hopping back to Ellie and Joel

 after their rest was impolitely hindered by two people employing weapons

The experience came as the bootlegger and his high schooler amigo attempted to get away from Kansas City.

The Midtwestern city been taken over by an assailant bunch drove by the vindictive Kathleen

Her sibling Michael was killed by FEDRA (the Administrative Fiasco Reaction Organization)

which runs quarantine zones with the leftovers of the US military and addresses one of the final pieces of the public authority.

This is likewise an interference to our legends' genuine mission

getting Ellie to the Fireflies, a renegade gathering that needs to duplicate her insusceptibility to the contagious contamination 

The pair holding Ellie and Joel at gunpoint will be recognizable to anybody who's played the PlayStation

game that roused the show, yet fans may be astounded

Time for SPOILERS as we plunge into the dull episode 5.

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