TikTok's "Scar Girl" Annie Bonelli Reacts to Claims Her Cheek Mark Is Fake

TikTok star Annie Bonelli, who numerous clients call "Scar Young lady, has tended to doubters who don't completely accept that her facial scar is genuine.

Annie Bonelli is going head to head against her doubters.

While a few clients on the video stage feel somewhat uncertain about whether the long imprint the TikToker has on her cheek is actually a scar

Beginning around 2021, a few clients feel a little doubtful about the long imprint she has on her cheek

has dismissed the incredulity, yet presently can't seem to uncover her unique physical issue.

"It's simply an extremely private subject," she told NBC News in an article distributed Jan. 26.

 "Thoroughly searching in the mirror, now and again it tends to be hard in light of the fact that I know precisely where it's from.

simultaneously, I feel like in a way it's engaging. It's like, you know, I got past that."

On Jan. 11, the powerhouse composed on TikTok that in Spring of 2020, she "was harmed and understood that this would be a super durable blemish all over until the end of time."

Annie let NBC News know that in late 2021, she applied a skin treatment to attempt to blur the scar

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