Watch Jason Momoa Take on Vin Diesel in First 'Fast X' Trailer

Following quite a while of development, the principal trailer for Quick X is at last here.

Showing up as the 10th film in the Quick and Irate adventure, Quick X is the first of a two-section finale

"Over numerous missions and against unimaginable chances, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family have outmaneuvered

out-nerved and outdriven each adversary in their way," The Quick Adventure writes in the depiction. 

Presently, they stand up to the most deadly rival they've at any point confronted: A frightening danger rising up out of the shadows

past who's powered by blood vengeance, and still up in the air to break this family and obliterate everything

Streak back to 2011, Quick Five saw Dom's team head to Rio De Janeiro where they took out Brazilian medication 

ernan Reyes and injured his realm. Having gone through the most recent 12 years plotting of retaliation

Reyes' child Dante (Jason Momoa) presently follows up on his arrangements with Dom's 8-year-old child 

As Dante's plot unfurls, Dom's family is spread all over the globe as they return to old favorite spots and are called to new areas including Los Angeles

"You constructed such a beatiful life loaded with adoration and family 

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