What the Warriors know so far about Steph Curry's latest injury.

The Heroes are pausing their breathing after Steph Curry left Saturday's down against the Free thinkers with a leg injury.

In the second from last quarter, Curry was guarding a drive by McKinley Wright IV when the pair seemed to connect with one another's knees.

Curry quickly flinched, and his force made him a couple of strides up into the Pursuit Community remains before he limped back to the seat.

The contact was made on Curry's left side leg, which was at that point completely wrapped because of an injury he got while making a three-point 

After the game, mentor Steve Kerr said a X-beam on Curry's leg had returned negative,

however, a X-ray would be required later to additionally analyze the issue. Kerr said it wasn't clear in the event that Thursday's physical issue added to the issue.

"Any time a person will get a X-ray there's a worry level, without a doubt," Kerr said. "So we'll simply need to keep a watch out the outcomes."

Curry had 21 focuses and seven helps when he left the game. The Fighters proceeded to beat Dallas 119-113,

who were short star Luka Doncic; Doncic is recuperating from a heel wound. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

 saw playing time. Green had right calf snugness and Thompson had a non-Coronavirus disease, as indicated by the group.

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