Why Kara Robinson's Escape From a Suspected Serial Killer in 2002 Is as Timely a Story as Ever

Every one of the subtleties on Kara Robinson's snatching and escape, in addition to she and individual abducting survivor Elizabeth

 about carrying Kara's story to Lifetime. Kara Robinson Chamberlain doesn't recall consistently

of being held hostage by a thought chronic executioner very nearly quite a while back.

"The way that my memory of the injury works, it's like depictions. in a flipbook — and there are a few pages missing,

Francesca Amiker in front of the Feb. 11 debut of Lifetime's The Young lady Who Got away: The Kara Robinson Story.

"The shooting was filling in holes in my first-individual memory." As a creator and promoter for injury survivors,

she's spoken broadly about her experience. Yet, watching her story unfurl completely, from being stole

from her companion's front yard by Richard Evonitz to being brought together with her family.

worked up certain sentiments she wasn't anticipating. Especially, she reviewed, while watching the second where her mother Debra

blasts into the police headquarters asking where her little girl is. Enter adolescent Kara (Katie Douglas)

"The two of them have this shaking," Kara depicted, "and it was so personal, and I was so astounded.

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