Your Place or Mine Movie Review

Your Place or Mine" starts in 2003, and it seems like the sort of hastily pleasant and immediately forgettable lighthearted comedy that emerged around that time.

These are the motion pictures that have tracked down new life in weighty revolution on the screens at DryBar: 

"How to Lose a Person in 10 Days," "The Occasion," and "Something's Must Give."

You can watch them missing mindedly while getting a victory and tasting a correlative glass of champagne in anticipation of a ladies' night.

"Your Place or Mine" denotes the element coordinating presentation of long-term author Aline Brosh McKenna

whose many credits incorporate "27 Dresses," another aughts romantic comedy staple. 

McKenna additionally composed the infinitely better Oscar candidate "Satan Wears Prada." 

Her most recent film never verges on arriving at those levels with regards to sharp exchange or lavishly drawn characters

however it likewise isn't pointing that high. Rather, "Your Place or Mine"

appears to be satisfied with being lovely, and perhaps that is adequate for a languid Saturday Netflix watch.

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