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Bheed movie has a lot of people as a cast but in the lead role, they have Rajkummar Rao, Bhumi Pednekar, Dia Mirza, Ashutosh Rana, Pankaj Kapur, and Kritika Kamra has already been released in the theaters all over India on 24 March 2023. The type of movie is drama, survival, and true event-based.

You must be thinking that what is there in movies like true event-based, let me tell you that the movie represents the content of the duration of the lockdown period of 2020 when due to Covid-19 money they declared the lockdown the whole nation. The movie is on that subject only where it shows how people suffered and how police officers reacted to them. You must be thinking why the movie is a drama.

Release dateMarch 24, 2023 (India)
Runtime2 hours 4 minutes
DirectorAnubhav Sinha
WritersSonali Jain, Anubhav Sinha,
Saumya Tiwari
Runtime2 hours 4 minutes

It is a drama movie because the content represents the continuation of the story of the period and drama about what people have struggled with a lot. In addition to that, the movie is also about survival because for their survival they are going from one city to another city which is their home town but they do not allow them due to states being divided by entry. The producers for the Bheed movie are Anubhav Sinha.

The movie is totally about the period when everyone who is of the lower middle class is facing issues because they have not made any arrangements for the people who have to migrate to other cities. They have banned everything and they only know how they survive because there is no food and everything is closed. Their survival was at stake and it was really difficult for the people to migrate to another city by walking miles. People were frustrated because some police officers are treating them like they are not humans.

The only thing which can hold the customer till the end is whether will everyone get justice or not. Another thing is that the government will arrange anything for them to travel to their hometown. Secondly, will police officers start behaving nicely with them or not? Will justice prevail for them or not?

People were crazy after watching the movie because it has emotional feelings for the people as everyone has felt that in the lockdown. For the location of the shooting, they do not have any specific location because they have tried to show something very real, and for that, they do not need any exotic locations to shoot for movies that are trueevent-basedd.

Bheed movie download filmyzilla

Bheed movie download filmyzilla: The movie Bheed was released in the theaters on 24 March 2023 in India. The story of the movie and content shows how people are suffering from the lockdown which they have declared due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People have to go to their native places walking and when they were going to their homes due to no jobs, there were no arrangements made and neither they had allowed people to enter into the state.

People were mentally sick and did not have any idea what they should do because they shifted away from home for a job and now they do not have anything to do with them as there are no jobs. They did not even arrange a single bus or type of transportation for everyone. People are hungry, and tired and still keep walking.

Moreover, police used to harass them and beat them without any reason. Rajkumar Rao was the one who felt emotional for them and helped them in getting all they want. The Production company for the movie is Benaras Media Works. The cinematography of the movie was done by Soumik Mukherjee.

Bheed movie download vegamovies in Hindi

The music and score of the Bheed movie have been composed by Anurag Saikia. The movie Bheed has one song. The name of the song is Herail Ba. The lyrics of the movie Bheed have been written by Dr. Sagar. Herail Ba song has been sung by Omprakash Yadav and Anurag Saikia. The song Herail Ba is 1 minute 32 seconds long.

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Bheed movie is 114 minutes long. In the sound department of Bheed movie, we have Prapul Betapudi as the boom operator and Akshay Solanki as an ADR engineer. In the production management department, we have Aadit Karanjkar as the production manager, Nitin Khedkar as the production manager, Meera Thalakottur as the unit production manager, and Shubham Tripathi as a post-production assistant in Bheed movie.

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The Bheed movie has been distributed by AA Films. The editor of the movie is Atanu Mukherjee. The story of Bheed has been written by Anubhav Sinha, Saumya Tiwari, and Sonali Jain

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The official announcement of the Bheed movie was made back in 2022 on 13 May. The video regarding the official announcement was released on social media platforms on 3 March 2023. In the editorial department, we have Ankit Agrawal as online editor, Vinod Durgavle as conformist, Pratik Hamand as associate editor, Nitin Minz as sr production, Makarand Surte as a colorist, Vipin Surve as dit de digital film engineer and Sahil Tanveer as assistant editor.


Bheed movie storyline

The story of the movie starts with one historical day which is 24 March 2020, when the Indian government declared a lockdown in the whole of India. The situation of the people was really tense because the work life of everyone has just stopped due to the lockdown and only corporations got the idea and started working from home because they had the option to work.

Middle-class families can also survive based on savings but what about the lower middle class? They used to earn daily and used to buy food daily. Some of the workers migrated from other states just for work. People did not ahd jobs and decided to go back to their hometowns. People started sleeping at railway stations. Everyone has their loved ones in another city and all the state borders were closed so that no one can surpass and eliminate Covid-19.

Dia Mirza was crying because her son was in a different place. People are walking on the roads, sitting on the roads like nothing and suddenly lower middle-class people got to know that state borders are closing. People are going with all their baggage because they have no idea what time this lockdown will be continued. In between all those people, Kritika Kamra who is a journalist started taking opinions of the people who are migrating by walking.

People are facing issues like police officers giving other people punishment. In the hospital, covid-19 positive patients are not getting beds and they have to lie down on the floor with one bedsheet. People who died were not given the body to their families. They directly used to go to cremation places and do all the procedures. When people started helping by giving food, they stopped them just because they were Muslims.

Police officers are behaving very brutally with people but in the end, Rajkumar Rao could not stop himself from all this and tried to make a change with the help of Bhumi Pednekar. In this darkest time, it was difficult for Rajkumar Rao to handle everything and maintain humanity but he did it in the end.

Bheed movie reviews

Bheed is a suspense and thriller movie. You have to challenge your brain till the climax and till the last minutes of the movie. There is no doubt in the performances and acting if Rajkumar Rao is there in the movie.

Moreover, he is also giving his 100% effort. People say a lot of characters will destroy the movie but that is not true, this time they all have made a wonderful movie based on true events and after watching the movie definitely, your point of view will be changed.

In the world of remakes, if you see something like Bheed on the big screen then definitely you will enjoy it. All the best actors and actresses have been chosen for the movie. A lot of experienced celebrities like Dia Mirza and Pankaj Kapur are also there.

Bheed movie download OTT

The movie is incredible as the movie was a team effort and everyone worked hard for the movie because their job is not only to show what happened during lockdown but also to add an emotional part. After all, some things are not known by people that how lower-class people have been treated by police officers.

Right now, no platform is going to upload the movie after the theatrical release.

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What is the release date of the ‘Bheed’ movie?

The release date of the ‘Bheed’ movie is 2023-03-24

Who is the director of ‘Bheed’?

Rajkummar Rao is the director of the movie

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