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The Class TV series starring Anjali Sivaraman, Gurfateh Pirzada, Piyush Khati, Madhyama Segal, Cwaayal Singh, Zeyn Shaw, Chintan Rachchh in the lead role has already been released on Netflix on 3 February 2023. The director of the Class TV series is Ashim Ahluwalia, Gul Dharmani, and Kabir Mehta. The type of TV series is crime, drama, and thriller. The Class TV series is produced by Mautik Tolia, Niharika Singh, Persis Siganporia, and Sukesh Motwani. As an executive producer, we have Ashim Ahluwalia.

The story of Class is a great TV series. It is related to one murder mystery that has not been solved properly and as it ends it seems like the second season will come by looking at this.

The thing which can hold the people till the last moment is if they will get to know who is the murderer of Suhani, if they got the murderer then who it would be, and how it will affect the whole Hampton International School? Moreover, what will the police do to that person?

The people who have watched the TV series “Class” know that it is surrounded by only one place which is near to school and nearby to their house. The Class TV series has 8 episodes varying the time from 44 to 59 minutes.

Class Web Series Download 9xmovies

The TV series Class was released on Netflix on 3 February 2023. The story of the TV series and content shows the murder mystery of a financially wealthy person who has murdered her so it is a total suspenseful TV series. The Production company for the TV series is Bodhi Tree Multimedia and Future East Film. The cinematography of the TV series was done by Alana Mejía González, Kyle Macfadzean, Michael Filocamo, and Tapan Basu.

Class Web Series Download vegamovies in Hindi

The music and score of the Class TV series have been composed by Nayantara Bhatkal, Aditya N., and Tubby. The total number of songs in the TV series is thirteen. The names of the songs are Class Title Track, Girta Sambhalta, Jangal, Khidki acoustic version, Dilli Dilli, Patang, Clay, Khidki, Prism, Take Me There, Dil Se Toh Bhai Log Hain, Girta Sambhalta extended version and Under Cover. Singers for the songs are Adity N., Nayantara Bhatkal, Ishweta Chakravarty, Mellow D, and G-DOC. The total time of all the songs is 33 minutes and 44 seconds.

Download Class Web Series in Hindi Filmyzilla

Class TV series have been distributed by Netflix. The editor of the Class TV series is Yash Parikh. Story of the Class TV series is by Ashim Ahluwalia, Bhaskar Hazarika, Indra Bisht, Kashyap Kapoor, Raghav Kakkar, and Sukesh Motwani. The screenplay of the Class TV series is by Kersi Khambatta. The story of the Class series is based on Elite by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona.

Class Tv Series Storyline

Class TV series have 8 episodes.

Episode 1: Three normal middle-class students have shifted to a new school called Hampton International School. The reason for the transfer was due to the fire in their old government school. New students were humiliated by the old ones because of their looks and financial status. Veer was humiliated, especially Dheeraj.

Veer was a son of a father who has a building company called Ahuja Properties. Veer has one sister named Suhani and she started liking Dheeraj. Saba was from a Muslim community and she used to come to school wearing a Hijab and the principal told her not to wear it. Balli was looked down upon due to his nature but Dhruv became his friend. Dhruv is the son of the principal. Balli was helping Dhruv in getting drugs from one drug dealer whose name is Faruq and he is the brother of Saba.

Along with that Neeraj who is the brother of Dheeraj came from jail after being punished for protesting against Ahuja. At Hampton International School, Saba saw Veer and Yashika having sex in the car. After seeing Saba Yashika freaked out. On the very next day, everyone went to the party thrown by Ahujas. At the party, Yashika told Veer to take the virginity of Saba and also to record the video.

Dhruv was drunk a lot and he messaged Faruq. After meeting Dhruv he just left. Koel was seducing Balli and she was just hooking up with him. Her boyfriend Sharan saw them but he did not stop them. Dheeraj dances with Suhani and enjoys it. Suhani, later on, had an argument with her parents about something that happened the previous year. Presently Suhani got killed in the parking area and now an investigation is going on.

Episode 2: Suhani and Dheeraj decide to work on a project for school. Firstly Veer was annoyed by Saba but later on, he paired up with her. Saba’s parents were strict and she did not want to introduce Veer to his parents but Veer against Saba’s wishes introduced himself to her parents. Neeraj told Dheeraj that his father had to give INR 15 lakhs to Chowdhary when he was in Jail because they used to terrorize him. Neeraj told Dheeraj to steal money from Suhani’s house to give money to Chowdhry. Right now the investigation found out that Suhani was pregnant.

Episode 3: Yashika was jealous of Saba that she got selected for the World Student Forum. Balli threw one party where Dheeraj wanted to tell Suhani about his feelings but he was drunk so did not get a chance. Dhruv got drunk and high at the party of Balli with Faruq. Veer was giving company to Saba at the party where she by mistake drank drugs and got high. Suhani and Neeraj decided to go to her house to have sex. Neeraj decided to steal money after sex but Saba and Veer came there and he could not. Saba was drunk so Veer decided to call a cab and send her to the house. Police came to Balli’s place to raid and was beating Faruq. Koel and Sharan started talking to Balli while sexting. In the investigation, Neeraj said that her family did everything.

Episode 4: Neeraj has to do something with money. They asked for money, otherwise, Neeraj had to kill the peon from the old school because they had proof of Ahuja. Dhruv spoke to Veer and told him that he is gay. Suhani was sharing everything with Dheeraj and she told that someone called Mayank leaked her naked photos but everyone beat him.

Episode 5: Yashika wants good marks and wants to rank higher so she bribes one teacher in exchange for the promotion. Saba did not like that Veer bought her a lot of gifts and for that Veer was asking for an apology. Dhruv told Faruq that he doesn’t like swimming. Moreover, Veer told Sava that her brother is gay and a drug dealer. Suhani was helping Neeraj in the collection of money.

Episode 6: Everyone got to know that Suhani had drugs and she is a drug dealer. The doctor informed me that Suhani is pregnant. Dheeraj was angry with Neeraj. Neeraj and Suhani made a plan to run away together somewhere. Now Faruq’s family knows that he is a drug dealer and they scolded Saba as well because she knew and didn’t tell them. Saba said that Suhani did everything and ruined her life.

Episode 7: Yashika asked Veer to help her to get scholarships because her parents were not paying. When Dhruv got to know about Faruq’s engagement, he went to his father. Till now Veer got to know about Suhani’s pregnancy. Balli was smart and uploaded the video of him and Sharan. During the Investigation, Dheeraj said that Neeraj was responsible for everything.

Episode 8: Suhani was about to receive a scholarship on the founder’s day of Hampton college. Sharan killed Suhani with the trophy she won. Koel came there and she called her father and told him to come. Her father handled everything. Sharan wanted to prove that is worthful to Koel. In the investigation, they arrested Neeraj. After his arrest, Dheeraj went to jail to look after him and search for him but he did not find him there. Meanwhile, Sharan and Koel were getting messages from someone related to blackmailing and that was Balli because he saw both of them.

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is class web series based on true story ?

No, ‘Class’ is not based on a true story.

Is Class web series good?

Class is some top notch writing and also some brilliant casting

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