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Daman movie starring Babushaan and Dipanwit Dashmohapatra in the lead role has already been released in theaters on September 30, 2022. The director of the Daman movie is Vishal Mourya and Debi Prasad Lenka. The type of movie is an adventure, and drama and shows medical emergencies. The DAMaN movie is produced by Deependra Samal.

The story of Daman is a movie stating serious medical situations where people are dying and want to save a life but due to lack of knowledge and awareness, the responsibility of this was on the shoulders of one doctor who did not wish to live there.

The thing which can hold the customers till the end is if Siddharth will be able to save the villagers from Malaria or not and if not then what will be his next movie and will he survive or not in the PHC where there are no basic facilities? The locations to be used in the movie are not too many because the movie is restricted to some villages only. Locations like villages in Odisha are shown in the movie. The movie is 121 minutes long.


The music and score of the DAMaN movie have been composed by Gaurav Anand. The movie DAMaN has four songs in the Odia language. The names of the songs are Nichhatiya Mana, Dhemsa, DAMaN title song, and Ekla Chala Re. Lyrics of the songs are written by J. P. Wordsmith and Bapu Goswami. Singers for the songs are Babushaan Mohanty, Anurag Das (Lulu), Gaurav Anand, and Rituraj Mohanty. The length of all the songs is 18 minutes and 10 seconds.


The movie DAMaN was released in theaters on 4 November 2022 in Odisha and the movie got released in Hindi dubbed version on 3 February 2023. The story of the movie and content shows the urgency of medical treatments as everyone knows that they can harm a lot of people. The Production company for the movie is JP Motion Pictures, Amara Muzik Odia, and Mentis Films. The cinematography of the movie was done by Pratap Rout.


We also have songs dubbed in Hindi as movies also have the Hindi language. In the Hindi language, we have four songs. The names of the songs are Koi Hai Kya, Dhemsa, DAMaN Title Song, and Ekla Chale Re. lyrics of Hindi dubbed songs are written by Dibyajeet Sahoo. Singers of all four songs of the Hindi language are Abhay Jodhpurkar, Divya Kumar, and Javed Ali. The length of all the songs is 18 minutes and 10 seconds.


Daman movie has been distributed by JP Motion Pictures for the Odia language and
Panorama Studios for the Hindi dubbed version of the movie. The editor of the movie is Debi
Prasad Lenka. The story of DAMaN has been written by Vishal Mourya and Debi Prasad
Lenka. The language of the movie is Odia.


The story of the movie starts in 2015. There was one guy called Siddharth, who is young and completed his MBBS from Bhubaneswar medical college and now he is a certified doctor. After becoming a doctor he filled out the form for work and he got posted in Janbai PHC (Primary Health Care). Janbai is a tribal area situated in the Malkangiri district of Odisha state.

So it is a rule in Odisha that any student who is studying in government colleges of medical courses and who are sponsored for the course have to serve themselves in the tribal and underdeveloped district or village of Odisha for 5 years after they study the MBBS course. If they do not serve after graduation then they have to pay INR 5 crore rupees as per the bond.

This is a strict guideline of the government of Odisha. Siddharth who has completed his graduation course of MBBS has to go to the assigned place to serve for 5 years irrespective of the fact that he wants it or not because INR 5 crore is a very big amount. So he has been assigned to Janbai PHC and he has to go there without his wish because he does not want to go there.

Now if we talk about Janbai PHC then it includes 151 villages under it so whoever has a problem amongst those 151 villages can go to Janbai PHC and get the treatment over there. The second thing about Janbai is that it is famous for Naxal dominance at any time and at any place, Naxalite attacks can happen without you or your knowledge. The third thing about the Janbai PHC is that there are no basic facilities like electricity, water, and many more.

So for someone like Sidhharth who has been born, brought up, and studied in an urban area, it is very difficult for him to live there and spend five years serving. Still, he was doing it there. When Siddharth came to Janbai PHC without a wish, he met Ravindra who is a pharmacist so at least he got someone who can be friends with him. Day by day he was feeling like prison and he just wanted to go out of that place.

He was having many difficulties coping with the new place, new people, and the home where there is not even a basic facility. After thinking so much about the place and living there without heart and soul, he decided to resign and go back to his hometown. So one day he did it and went home. He was just living with his bags and everything and he suddenly saw that one villager was coming with his daughter to the PHC for treatment.

The father of a girl thought that it is a ghost (Duma) and he came for treatment and a solution for that. But when Dr. Siddharth diagnosed her, they got to know that it is Malaria. One of the associates of Dr. Siddharth told him that there are 151 villages under Janbai PHC and people from all over 151 villages stay in hilly terrain and high altitude places. They mostly treat themselves by exorcism.

If they feel like they have any disease or something they will use their black magic and try to solve it. The people in over 151 villages are not that aware so they are not at all interested in coming to the hospital for any kind of treatment of any disease. Siddharth decided to stay there and by staying there he will at least try to make a change within people.

Siddharth decided that he will campaign and start awarding people about the hospital, doctors, PHC, Malaria, and many more things. Siddharth made one plan that he will give a free malaria test to know if they have it or not. By taking the support of the native people, he started visiting people in the village and told them to try a free malaria test.

Meanwhile, one girls was diagnosed but Siddharth was unable to save her from exorcism and in the end she died. After that incident, he decided that he will remove the Malaria from all the villages. He used to go to every village one by one and give everyone free Malaria test kits and medications for the Malaria. He was visiting some villages and there it also used to happen that Naxalites just hijacked the whole village and used to cover the whole village and nobody could do anything.

Siddharth was a really good doctor and once the Naxalites hijacked the village but one woman was pregnant and it was her time for delivery. So Siddharth and Ravindra took that lady for around 10 kilometers of the road because they were not able to take her to Malkangiri hospital because to go there they need a boat to cross the river but at that time there was no boat so they took the lady to PHC where delivery did successfully.

After that, he got to know that villagers need mosquito nets. He directly met CDMO to be in contact with DM to provide funds and he was successful in that. After six months, Siddharth got to know that villagers are not using the mosquito nets but are using them for something else.

So Malaria came back and so many people died due to this. He asked to do one large-scale awareness campaign called Daman with CDMO and DM. 3 years later, according to reports the ground-level Malaria disease was reduced to 4% from 40%. Siddharth was emotional when villagers were saying bye to him. Siddharth left Janbai and went for higher studies.


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