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The Kerala Story Movie Download Filmyzilla 480p 720p1080p HD 4K In Hindi Download Link The Kerala Story is a multifaceted multi-character movie that is being discussed in the entire film world. The discussion about it is going on so there must be something special about it. The director of the film The Kerala Story has claimed that he researched the story for four years before the film hit the screens.

The film The Kerala Story is an action thriller drama. And according to the filmmakers and directors, the entire film is based on a true story, and is adapted around it. Even before the release of the film, The Kerla Story was predicted to be mired in controversies. And so the movie The Kerala Story is seen to affect the audience both positively and negatively. Everyone has made different comments on the film.

The Kerala Story Release Date OTT Platforms, Cast, Trailer, Plot

The movie The Kerala Story released worldwide on 5 May 2023. If you have subscription to OTT platform then you can watch the movie online or theater is a good option for you. You can also watch the movie by downloading it in your computer or mobile. The Kerala Story is produced by Vipul Amritlal Shah, Ashish A Shah, and Ravichandra Nallappa.

The Kerala Story Movie Download full 9Xmovies 480p 720p 1080p HD 4K In Hindi

In this article we will discuss about the The Kerala Story Full Movie 2023,Can Download The Kerala Story Movie 2023 Free Download 480p 720p 1080p HD 4K The Kerala Story movies feature a suspense thriller in places, which contributes to the film’s audience’s grip. . In the film, each character is presented in a separate film. All the characters are seen in the movies doing great acting. All have acted in films in a different niche genre. The film touches upon something that happened in Kerala, this one and many other aspects that see the influx of audiences turning to the film. Every movie lover was eagerly waiting for this movie in different estimation. Everyone has a different curiosity about the film.

The film has created a positive and negative side of itself in the film world as it has become a bit of a controversial subject.

Full Storyline Of The Kerala Story Movie Download Filmyzilla , The Kerala Story Watch Online, OTT Platforms Plots, Cast, Trailer

The film The Kerala Story depicts Fatima Baa, a convert to Islam, who, from the beginning, aspires to become a nurse in a hospital. Suddenly one day some militants kidnapped her and forced her to join ISIS.

In these films, the issue of conversion is raised. The Kerala Story movies all show how real-life religious conversions and terrorism are propagated and propagated in the state of Kerala, creating fear in the minds of the citizens in a way. While the film The Kerala Story has been completely exempted by some states, the film has been considered controversial in some states as it attempts to portray actual religious conversions and over-reliance on religion in the state of Kerala.

The movie details about a Hindu girl named Shalini who wants to become a nurse. Later she was converted and her name was Fatima Ba.But Shalini is kidnapped and brainwashed by some militants and forced to marry a Muslim boy and join ISIS. Later she is sent to a prison in AfghanistanThere she is tortured a lot. She was then rescued by United Nations forces.To know the next story, you must watch the movie to get more interesting information. Because watching the movie is going to be more of a suspense thriller drama for you in a way.

The Kerala Story Movie Budget 2023

The budget of the film The Kerala Story is approximately Rs 30 to 35 crores. He has not presented his budget officially. The actors working in these films are also new with very low budget. This has given opportunity to new faces. By the way, you know that we call a movie a hit only when it earns almost more than its budget. Talking about the trailer of The Kerla Story, even before the film hit the screens, the trailer was making a lot of noise on YouTube and other social media platforms. And obviously the story of this film is interesting so the film earned much better than the budget.

The Kerala Story Movie Casting Names

In the movie The Kerala Story, you got to see a new generation of actors. In this, famous actresses Ada Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani, Sonia Balani and if we think about Co Star, Vijay Krishna Pranay Pachori along with other new faces in Bollywood will be seen. The Kerala Story Movie Cast 2023

Adah Sharma
Yogita Bihani
Sonia Balani
Siddhi Ednani
Vijay Krishna
Pranay Pachori

And along with this, you will get to see other new actors in this movie. The Kerala Story movie is more interesting to watch in theaters, many young people who watch the movie have expressed their opinion.

The Kerala Story Movie Collection 2023 India, The Kerala Story Movie Collection Report 2023 India and Worldwide

According to media around the world, movie lovers were very eager to watch the movie The Kerala Story. In almost all movie planets there is an atmosphere of excitement in the mind of every movie lover. All the fans were seen appreciating the action sequences of the movie The Kerala Story. The movie The Kerala Story is full of drama. The movie The Kerla Story has done a good solid collection at the box office. Along with this, the worldwide collection is also increasing. So far the movie The Kerala Story has collected around 241.08 crores. On the first day the film was released, Kerala Story earned a record of Rs 8 crores in a single day.

The Kerala Story Controversy Explained

Some Indian parties have objected to the film The Kerala Story, alleging that the film is misinforming and somehow pushing an agenda. According to these parties the things depicted in the film are fictitious. Responding to these allegations, the opposition parties and the makers of the film said that what we have presented in the films is proof-based. Before making the film, the filmmakers themselves have researched the story for four years. This is their claim.

In Tamil Nadu, a journalist complained to the chief minister that false propaganda was being spread in opposition to Kerala and communal harmony was being destroyed in a way. But when some opponents tried to take action against the movie The Kerala Story and stop the release of the movie, the court upheld it and cleared the way for the movie The Kerala Story.

In West Bengal, the state government there announced a ban on the film The Kerala Story. He had said that he took this step to protect the Rajya Sabha and prevent hate crimes. But the film team was saying that they will take necessary action.

Even with this opposition, if we look at it from one point of view, it can be seen that maximum Odion’s tendency was to look at the film in a positive way. As every person has the right to voice his opinion, the film has been voiced by all types of audience and most of the opinions are positive.

The Kerala Story Movie Release Date। OTT।Platforms। Cast।Plot, Streaming Partner Highlights

Movie NameThe Kerala Story
Release Date5 May 2023
Streaming partnerZee5
Movie Quality4K,1080p,720p,480p
movie star nameada Sharma ,Yogita bihani, Sonia balani ,Siddhi idnani ,Vijay Krishna, Pranay pachori
producer nameVipul amrutlal Shah, Ashish A.Saha and ravichand nallappa
The Kerala Story movie running time140 Minutes
Director NameSudipto Sen
Writer Namesuryapal Singh sudipto sen ,Vipul amritlal Shah
MusicViresh Sreevalsa,Bishak Jyoti
CinematographyPrasanta u Mohpatra
Edited by Sanjay Sharma
Production CompaniesSunshine Pictures

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Movie lovers who want to watch The Kerala Story movie online can download or watch this movie online in Kannada Hindi Telugu Tamil Malayalam Bengali Oriya Marathi language on OTT platforms like disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime Vedeo, Netflix, Sony LIV We want to tell you that the movie The Kerla Story is a very drama suspense thriller so it will be a different kind of fun to watch.

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