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Marathi Movies Download 9xmovies full HD, OTT, Download marathi movies 9xmovies HD 2023

You must be thinking about those who search for Marathi movies but that is not true. There are a lot of people who search for Marathi movies because they have excellent content and story and the ratings are also very good. If the people are non-Marathi but still they will watch the movie with subtitles because the Marathi film industry is making the best movies in the whole India. You can easily visit the website of 9xmovies and find the links to all the Marathi movies which are available on the website to download and watch online.


Marathi cinemas are the most underrated movies in the Indian film industry. That is the reason that Marathi movies are getting remade in the Hindi language so that people can see the actual original content and people liked it as well and praised it a lot. The Marathi film industry is not getting the credit they are making the movies for. This is their time to snatch the credit.

Ved Marathi movie download from 9xmovies

Ved Marathi movie download from 9xmovies

There were not many expectations from Ved movies but when it got released it just rocked and it got released on 30 December 2022. So the new year started with a bang of Marathi movies. People who went to watch the movie had mixed responses and were told by the people that the movie was quite average.

They have criticized a lot of the performance of Genelia D’souza. People also criticized the direction of Riteish Deshmukh so people also did not like that. The ved movie is not the original one but the remake of a Telugu movie called Manjili. But people are not aware of it and Ved is not at all affected by that movie. It is said that Majili did not affect Ved and Ved has a lot of original things because of that there is a reason that it could just be made Bollywood crazy because the collection was going in an increased way. Ved has been released only on 250 screens all over India.

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In the first week, the box office has already crossed INR 20 crore and the number is still increasing. The budget of the Ved is just INR 15 crore. They have not promoted too much about the Ved movie and that is the reason calculating the profit is easy. You must be thinking about only 20 crores but if you compare it with only 250 screens then it is a really good number.

In the future, Marathi movie’s content can attract a lot of people and now Bollywood has to compete not only with South Indian movies but also with Marathi movies. Content is king and that could be the reason that one of the Marathi movies could come in the top 10 list of movies all over India.

Pawankhind Marathi movie download from 9xmovies

Pawankhind Marathi movie download from 9xmovies

Pawankhind movies have a lot of flaws. The music is just like the situation and when the powerful scenes are coming then they just increase the volume of sound and reduce the volume of dialogue so it makes the action and activity more and more intense and people feel attracted towards and hold the customer till the end. When any action scene is coming suddenly the music is at the top.

The VFX of the movie is great and powerful because that makes the movie more real and people feel connected. Whatever the scene and action are going on the VFX in that situation is just so incredible. The first half of the movie is a bit slow and you must be feeling that it has been stretched out just to increase the length of the movie. But that is not true, because everything should be at a good pace and to build up the story of the movie and as people can understand they have mentioned everything in detail so that is the reason that you may feel bored.

The makeup of the villain is just so relevant that whenever we see villian we can guess that he is the one. The cast they have chosen is just so perfect because they are representing history and tried to show the real story so that is the reason that they have to look like them. In the second half of the movie, you can have a look at the strategy, fighting scene, and emotions of the family shown in the movie. They have shown the belief as well like if any soldier died at the war then the light has been blown away and many ants are running on food.

Vaalvi Marathi movie download from 9xmovies

Vaalvi Marathi movie download from 9xmovies

Vaalvi movie is one of the entertaining cinemas which just came out of the Marathi film industry. This movie is so great that if I make the list of the top movies of this year then the name of Vaalvi will be there on the list. The entry of Subodh Bhave after the interval is just so great and perfect because in the interval there is one twist that is not at all normal.

After the interval, the story just turns the table a lot and it increases the curiosity and suspense about the movie within a person. The humor and comedy situation the movie has shown is incredible because the situation nearby is that murders are happening and very serious conditions still make you laugh. The best thing about the movie is that in the trailer they have not revealed the single thing that is going on in the movie and what will happen to them.

The movie is less than 2 hours long. The movie will hold you till the last moment of the movie. The climax they have shown is just too perfect and more than anything else you can not even imagine what will happen. There is no song and no drama has been inserted forcefully in the movie but still, it will hold you till the last second. Everyone has just played their role so efficiently that you can not even imagine that you are watching a movie you will just think like everything is going around you. In the first half tension and suspense is building up and in the second half in the last second they reveal the climax. But it is guaranteed that in the end, you will say that I love it.

Gadad Andhar Marathi movie download from 9xmovies website:

Gadad Andhar Marathi movie download from 9xmovies website:

You must have heard and seen the dark places where you must have heard about the ghost and must have seen the movies as well of Ghost. But Gadad Andhra is very much different from other movies and everything because the ghost they have in Gadad Andhra is very different from other movies. After all, the ghost is in the middle of the water.

Screenplay elements of the movies are just too notch that you will praise them. Like the horror element and other sequences. But on the other hand, the screenplay will surely give you surprises in bits and parts. The lead actress in the Gadad Andhar movie named Neha played an amazing role and you can say she has done many Marathi horror movies before as well. You can watch the other movies. People said that many actions and horror scenes look artificial but that is not true, all the horror scenes just look so real and terrible that you will be shocked.

The acting and performance of Neha were terrific. Rather than male actors, female actresses have been in the limelight because they have just performed very nicely. Direction, camera work, photography, cinematography, and all the technical aspects have been taken care of in the movie.

In the beginning, the production value of the movie was good and average and was degrading but in the second half when the underwater scenes started everyone felt like the visual effects are just to amazing. Rather than the first half, the second half is more interesting because in the second half, we have a climax, and in that we have twists and turns and that is the reason that the movie ended on a shocking note.

Sarla Ek Koti Marathi movie download from 9xmovies

When the trailer of the movie got released people thought that 70-80% of the movie was just revealed in the trailer but when the movie got released and people saw the climax of the movie than people’s minds just blew away and they were shocked. The movie is truly connected with the paraphrase called Expect the Unexpected. The climax just rocked in the end.

The first part of the movie was really good but people said that the second half of the movie was lengthy but that is not true they have just tried to pace up the climax of the movie. The wait was worth it at the end when you see the climax of the movie. The storyline of the movie sounds very normal and okay but that is not true because it is more complex. The movie is about molestation. The filmmaker and writer have tried to show this issue in humor and comedy form.

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