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Sandra Escacena, Claudia Placer, Bruna González, Iván Chavero and Ana Torrent’s Verónica movie has already been released in theaters near you on 25 August 2017.
Verónica is a movie directed by Paco Plaza. The genre of the movie is a supernatural
and horror movie. Verónica is produced by Enrique López Lavigne.

The story of Verónica is a very interesting story as it is a supernatural story. Box office collection was $6.3 million When the Verónica movie got released in 2017 it got so many positive reviews and responses from the audiences who watched it. Most people love the story because it is the story of horror and supernatural forces.

Verónica is not a remake of any movie but is a very good story based on true events from the 1991 Vallecas case. The story has a fantastic motive to show with a lot of
suspense. There are a lot of facts and suspense about movies which can hold the
customer till the end of the movie. Shooting of the movie of different scenes happened in various locations.


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veronica full movie download in hindi filmyzilla

Verónica is the movie which has been directed by Paco Plaza. Best characteristic of Paco Plaza is that he takes all the main characters in all his movies. The background music and tone according to the situation gives different levels of goosebumps. Sandra
Escacena is a very great actor. The movie gives me the vibe of a blockbuster movie. We
are not excited because of the Director and actors but more excited because of the story and content of the movie as it is the original and horror kind of movie.

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The movie Verónica released in theaters near you on 25 August 2017. The movie is not a remake of any movie but is a Spanish movie filled with superpowers and horror and is
a story based on true events as well. The movie is a story by Paco Plaza. The Production companies for the movie are Apache Films and Expediente La Película AIE. The movie is 105 minutes long and was released in spanish language. The movie was released in Spain. Cinematography of the movie was done by Pablo Rosso. Verónica film was produced by Enrique López Lavigne.

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The film was inspired when Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro was suffering from hallucination
and seizures after doing séance at school. This event happened in Madrid. He was trying to contact a friend’s dead boyfriend, whose death was also a mystery. After the death, the house became haunted. Firstly nobody believed in that but after releasing in some magazines got to know that this is true.

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veronica movie Download mp4movies in hindi

Reviews for Verónica movie are very nice as everyone likes to watch horror based true stories in movies. Generally people do not have an idea about real life stories and
especially when it is related to supernatural powers, people avoid it in knowing about the story, but once anyone makes a movie on their name everyone starts getting to know about that incident.

Historical movies are one of the ways to make people aware about incidents that happened there. The background music and tone according to the situation gives different levels of goosebumps. The movie gives me the vibe of a blockbuster movie. We are not excited because of the Director and actors but more excited because of the story and content of the movie as it is about supernatural horror stories.

Veronica Movie (Full HD) Explained In Hindi

Verónica movie storyline

The story of 1991 in Madrid. One of the girls who was a teenager was playing with a Ouija board with two of her classmates. They have no idea what Ouija board is and how it works and what will happen but they just played with Ouija board like a toy. After sometime the girl who played finds herself in possession of one of the evil spirits. She found herself besieged by an evil supernatural force.

Veronica movie reviews

Reviews are the most crucial part of the movie after its release in theaters just because it is the outcome of how many people watched the movie after watching the trailer. If the movie is a hit or flop and what kind of result will it give after so much hard work of crew members. Reviews for Verónica Web series are very excellent and audiences have given almost a 3.5 rating out of 5. Some platforms gave a rating of 3.8 out of 5. IMDB ratings are 6.2 out of 10.

Other platforms and websites to watch and download verónica movie (OTT)

The Verónica movie was released in cinemas on 25 August 2017. Movie was amazingly nice not only due to the performance of the actors in the movie but also because of the content of the story given in the movie as the story is full of supernatural powers and is a true story.

It is a kind of horror movie because audiences have no idea about what happened during 1991 in Madrid. Everyone gave positive responses and reviews for the Verónica movie because it is a combination of 2 genres, which are supernatural and horror.

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Cast in the verónica movie

Cast plays a very crucial role in every web series and is a very important part. Cast can make a web series hit or flop because if the story is good but the cast are not able to represent it in a good manner then it is not possible to entertain audiences and they will feel negative about the Web series.

  • Sandra Escacena AS Verónica
  • Bruna González AS Lucía
  • Claudia Placer AS Irene
  • Iván Chavero AS Antoñito
  • Ana Torrent AS Ana
  • Consuelo Trujillo AS Sister Death
  • Sonia Almarcha AS Doctor
  • Maru Valduvielso AS Josefa
  • Leticia Dolera AS History Teacher
  • Ángela Fabián AS Rosa
  • Samuel Romero
  • Carla Campra AS Diana

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