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The Zwigato movie does not have much cast in the movie but the movie starring Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami has already been released in theaters on 17 March 2023 in India and in September 2022 at Toronto International Film Festival. The director of the Zwigato movie is Nandita Das. The type of movie is drama, struggle, and survival.

The movie is said to be a drama because it is a story that is represented very well and is a complete story of a person who is going door to door to complete his orders. The movie is also a struggle because you can see one young boy riding on a bike to deliver food from different food delivery applications which are swiggy and zomato. The story has shown the real struggle he is going through.

He is an actor but what he has shown in the movie is the story of thousands of people working across the globe just to deliver the food and more than that it is not just about the food but more than that it also shows how humble they are but still people do not understand them. Producers for the Zwigato movie are Sameer Nair, Deepak Segal, and Nandita Das.

Release dateMarch 17, 2023 (India)
StarsKapil Sharma, Shahana Goswami
Tushar Acharya
LanguagesHindi, Oriya
Director Nandita Das
WritersNandita Das, Samir Patil
Runtime1 hour 45 minutes

The movie is not totally about the struggle but it shows the daily routine of a delivery guy who is competing himself between hotels and homes of people. In between that, they are also helping other people who are in need. In addition to that, he also has to take care of the family irrespective of whether he can give time to the family or not. The struggle with ratings and reviews also matters a lot for him because if his ratings are down then people will not order.

The only thing which can hold the customer till the end is whether whatever he is doing will satisfy him or not because whatever he is doing is for his family. In the end, you can see that suddenly his ratings of him have been reduced so it is to be seen what will be his next step and how will he make everyone understand how deliveries work.

Just to give the film a nice flavor. The director selected a place for the shooting where they mostly used the local people in the movie. The shooting of the movie Zwigato has been done in the capital of Odisha called Bhubaneswar. The majority of shooting has been done in the local market because people order from every place and lo sl market has all the food stalls there.

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The movie Zwigato was released in theaters on 17 March 2023 in Indian theaters but before that, the movie was released in September 2022 at Toronto International Film Festival. The story of the movie and content shows how Kapil Sharma is roaming here and there to do food deliveries to the people because he thinks that supplying food is a good thing to do but people do not respect him and issues happen. The Production companies for the movie are Applause Entertainment and Nandita Das Initiatives. CRanjan Palit did the cinematography of the movie.

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The music of the Zwigato movie has been composed by Hitesh Sonik. A score of the Zwigato movie has been composed by Sagar Desai. In the Zwigato movie, there is only one song called Yeh Raat. The lyrics of Yeh Raat have been written by Devanshu and Geet. Singer of the Yeh Raat song is Sunidhi Chauhan. The length of the song is 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

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The budget of the Zwigato movie was very low and they wanted to show the low-budget movie so that they can connect as the entire movie has been shot in Bhubaneswar, the costs are also low. The budget of the movie is approximately INR 10-15 crores and the box office collection of 2 days is INR 1.05 crore.

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zwigato full movie download filmyzilla: The Zwigato movie has been distributed by Viacom18 Studios. The editor of the movie is Jabeen Merchant. The story of Zwigato has been written by Nandita Das and Samir Patil.

The most appreciating thing about the Zwigato movie is they have hired a lot of security artists who were local to the location so they can also generate revenue by shooting at that location.



The story of Zwigato movie starts with Manas who was working in a factory as a floor manager position for a long time and due to that his family was doing well. When the Covid-19 pandemic came to the whole of India, as we all know, a lot of people were unemployed and especially those who used to work in factories or had field jobs. Those who had a corporate kind of job still had a chance of working from home but field people were asked to leave as companies were shut down.

Manas and his family also faced issues and at that time he decided to work for a food delivery app called Zwigato. In the app, they had an offer if you click the selfie with the customer to whom you have delivered the food, you will get an extra INR 10. In the beginning, Manas used to think that how can someone click a selfie with unknown people.

He used to look into apps, and whenever he received an order, he used to go to hotels and restaurants and from there he used to parcel the food to the people. On the bike with one backpack he used to roam in the city. Sometimes the days are good when customers are happy they used to give them the chance to click a selfie as well so that they can earn more but some customers are not that entertaining and are always impatient about their orders so if he is late for 2 or 3 minutes as well, them also they will scream at him.

Manas used to set a goal that he will deliver these numbers of orders today. His wife also used to complain that he is not spending time with family and not watching serials with her as well. Manas tried to balance work and family and sometimes he used to take his son on delivery. Once his son asked about one vegetable if it is vegetables or fruit.

Manas replied while driving the bike that he did not eat it so he does not know. He used to compare his factory where he previously used to work and the work he is doing now. By taking 10 boxes of pizza he used to climb the stairs and deliver to the people who live on the 6th floor as well. To accompany him, his wife also started working as a cleaning staff in the mall. Manas was not feeling good that his wife is working but she said you did not ask me to work, whatever I’m doing by myself.

He was working hard but suddenly his rating started degrading and at one point his ratings were below the minimum. He was frustrated by this thing. He started fighting about what has happened to him and he got to know that this was happening to others too. By staying silent he was not able to do anything so he just started taking action against what was happening to them.


Zwigato is inspirational and will motivate people in their life. The movie is a story of a struggling delivery man who has to go to deliver the food on time otherwise his salary will be deducted and if the salary is deducted then family tension and stress about how will he manage to handle it. The movie is simple and very predictable but what’s happening, in the end, is very unexpected when he starts raising his voice about the wrong things. Due to his actions, he can make a lot of changes for those who are struggling a lot in their life.

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Zwigato is a very inspiring movie dedicated to all those delivered guys who used to deliver very efficiently and on time but nobody appreciated them for their work. They are driving their bikes faster and delivering the food to people but still, they think of them as if they are from different planets.

The movie is great but right now there is no information about the post-theatrical rights or which platform bought it. In some time we will get to know about it. There are a lot of OTT platforms that can upload movies.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • Disney Plus Hotstar
  • Sony LIV
  • MX Player
  • Netflix
What is the movie zwigato about?

Zwigato is a very inspiring movie dedicated to all those delivered guys who used to deliver very efficiently and on time but nobody appreciated them for their work.

Who are the actors in ‘Zwigato’?

‘Zwigato’ star cast includes Kapil Sharma, Shahana Goswami, Tushar Acharya and Sayani Gupta.

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